judith waugh


Judith Waugh, Founder member

Specialisation: Pencil – Animals, birds and wildlife

Born in York, Judith was encouraged by her art teacher at an all girls school and later passed examinations to attend York Art School. Unfortunately due to family circumstances, she was not able to complete the course. After taking a job in an office and marrying a few years later, art was put aside to bring up her family. After moving to Thurlby in 1978, a friend introduced Jane to the Thurlby Art Group where she started to paint and draw once again.

Judith has spent her time over the past few years painting peoples’ dogs, cats and horses in pastels. Recently, Judith has joined the UK Coloured Pencil Society where she has had a number of works selected for exhibitions. She also produces pictures of the animals and birds of the Deeping St James Exotic Pet Refuge. Prints of her work are sold at their open days to raise money for this worthy charity.