mark green


Mark Green

Specialisation: Landscapes in oils.

I was born in Peterborough in 1961, and have been passionate about painting since the age of six. I am a history graduate, but have consistently returned to my first love of painting throughout my life. I have been involved in community education, teaching art for several years, and have also taught history in further education. I have painted seriously for over 20 years, mainly landscapes in oil. My working method is to paint en plein air, as much as possible, and to capture the scene in a painterly and naturalistic way, without resorting to a photographic representation.

I believe it is a good, even a necessary, practice to study the work of other painters; I admire the works of the Newlyn School (Stanhope Forbes, Frank Bramley, et al) and also those of Arnesby Brown and Edward Seago. I would hope that in some small way the above painters have influenced me, if only in the desire to continually strive to capture the landscape in its many guises and moods.

Locally I exhibit with the Welland Valley Art Society, and have had a one-man exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre. I have also exhibited with the Laing Open at the Mall Galleries in London; at various Peterborough open exhibitions at the museum, and with Peterborough Open Studios.