robert goodwin


Robert H Goodwin, Founder Member

Specialisation: Oils, Watercolours – Maritime and Flowers (particularly roses).

Robert was born in Leicester in 1941 and comes from an artistic family, which includes a prominent artist, novelist and cellist.

In April 2001 having taken early retirement and moved with his wife, Dawn, to Oakham in Rutland, he is now able to fulfil his lifelong ambition to devote all of his time to painting.

It is no surprise that he inherited his artistic talent, and in his early twenties studied Portrait painting in oils, then moving on to flowers, especially roses, thus gaining his reputation as the “Rose Man”. He continued to specialise in Maritime – Ships of the Line, exhibiting his paintings around the country including places such as Pitlochry Theatre, Perth; Edinburgh; Newbury; Oakham and Leicestershire.

Since retiring, and escaping to the beautiful countryside of Rutland, Robert also enjoys the medium of watercolour painting, but undoubtedly classic oil painting will remain his greatest love.